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With the help of technology like Noteflight every student gains knowledge of concepts and builds musical skills while composing original pieces.

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Metropolis Ensemble

Our Artists in Residence, Metropolis Ensemble visit with students during the the composing process. Each Workshop concludes with a live concert performance of every composition.

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Free On Line Courses

Interactive, online courses help classroom teachers start their students composing. Students can enroll in courses,  complete lessons and earn points and badges.

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Composer mentors, teachers and peers provided supportive, instructive comments directly on each student’s score. YCIW is open to any independent or public school.

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What Students Say!

  •  I really enjoyed learning about the Beatles for this piece because I really didn't know anything about it, and I love their music! Composing music has helped me with playing the violin and I really enjoy getting to watch the violinist from the Metropolis Ensemble play my music.
    Nina, 6th grader
  • Being a composer is great because I get to compare my music to music that I like.
    Ally, 5th Grader
  • Composing has changed the way I listen to music because I've started to think about the chords and dynamics that I hear.
    Julia, 6th Grader
  • It feels great to have the privilege to experiment and learn about music and composing!
    Kate, 5th Grader
  • Besides learning new things in music I learned a lot about creativity. One thing I learned about being creative is there is really no one correct way of what music is.
    Brian, 6th Grader
  • Since I’ve been composing music I can now listen to a song and sometimes tell what instrument is playing. I like composing a lot.
    Campbell, 6th grader