RF Wagner Public School Young Composers Concert!

In June of 2017 RF Wagner Public School in Queens, NY held its third annual young composers concert. The concert featured original compositions by students in Ms. Christina Cobo’s music class. Each piece was performed by the Grammy nominated Metropolis Ensemble. Students used the YCIW Classroom curriculum to explore the fundamentals of music – melody, harmony, form, rhythm – and created a unique, musical expression. Congratulations to Ms. Cobo and all of the student composers on their hard work throughout the year that led to this fantastic concert!

The Process

YCIW’s curriculum takes each student from the beginning to completion of an original composition using a progressive approach that allows all learners to complete a piece. Students use a number of tech tools -aQWERTYon, Noteflight and others – to explore how music works as a way to develop their own ideas.
During the workshop, students had a classroom visit from Metropolis Ensemble. They explored various ways to write for each instrument and heard how their pieces sound on the real instruments!

YCIW composer mentors provide guidance and feedback directly to each student during the composing process.