Compose Anywhere! 
Noteflight is a revolutionary web application that allows students to compose anywhere they are on line. Works on all devices -laptops, tablets and desktops. Students are able to immediately manipulate notes and receive instant feedback.

Free Noteflight Accounts
 For a limited time only all participants will receive a free Noteflight account.  Students will work on their main composition as well as complete Noteflight assignments connected to the Web Courses by composing directly in a web browser. Teachers will receive an instructor account allowing them to see all of their student’s work. Each student score is automatically shared with their teacher.

Sharable Template Scores
A powerful feature of Noteflight is the use of sharable template scores. When a student opens a score from the YCIW curriculum it becomes a unique score in her own Noteflight home. Teachers and can view each and every student score for review and grading purposes. This functionality is similar to a Google Doc.

Communication and Community
 Noteflight’s comments feature allows for everyone in our community to interact and provide support. Composer mentors, teachers and fellow students can all leave comments directly on students scores. This social aspect helps provide curricular support while broadening the student’s perspective.

Visit Noteflight!

Be sure to visit to learn more about this ground breaking software.