Music Works 1

Music Works 1 is the perfect course for any student who is new to composing music or even new to music in general. One does not need to have any experience at all in order to jump write in and begin to compose. The lessons in this course will get students started with making their own melodies and then using them in a full composition. They do not need to know how to read music notation to begin this course. They will learn to read notation by completing the course assignments and making their composition. There are a number of Noteflight activity assignments, web animations and other online tools that will help them to compose.

Try Out Music Works 1

We’ve created a “sandbox” demonstration YCIW Classroom for teachers to try out Music Works 1.

Use the log in information below (left) to work through the curriculum as a student: view the web lessons, try the Noteflight assignments, add to your composition, get feedback from a composer mentor, take a quiz, comment on a discussion post and more!

Or, use the log in information below (right) to view Music Works 1 as a teacher: use the grading rubrics to assess assignments, leave comment feedback on Noteflight assignments, view the Learning Mastery gradebook, add to discussions and more.

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When teachers enroll in YCIW they receive their own private YCIW Classroom for their students which includes the Music Works 1 course and other courses. More info…