Program Overview

Bring the YCIW experience to your students. Enroll your students in YCIW and receive tools and support to help them compose original music.

YCIW Classroom

Web Courses

Access to a progressive curriculum in the form of interactive web courses. As students complete lessons they learn how music works while composing original music. The curriculum is designed to facilitate composition for every student regardless of experience. Students learn concepts and build skills through composing their main composition. Web courses take the students through the entire process of creating their own composition. Teachers receive detailed support in how best to implement the curriculum. Each web course includes:

Each web course includes:

  • Auto-graded Noteflight Assignments
  • Interactive animations
  • Auto-graded quizzes
  • Pre-made Noteflight Activity Assignments
  • Web Instruments and Tools 

Class LMS

Each teacher receives an instructor account on YCIW Classroom. Teachers can view student progress, give assignments, manage student accounts and much more. More info…

Online Composer Mentoring

Composer mentors will give helpful and supportive comments directly on each student’s Noteflight score for the duration of the Workshop. Students will receive up to 5 composer mentor comments. This feedback provides great motivation as it helps students feel part of a community of composers.

Teacher and Student Support

Teachers receive extensive online support through the YCIW help forums and knowledge base. The help is pedagogical as well as technical in nature. The online community also helps support students through the composing process. Students can ask questions and research the knowledge base for help with composing.

Noteflight Learn Subscription

YCIW Classroom works with any existing Noteflight Learn subscription. Need a subscription? No problem. You may add a Noteflight Learn subscription to YCIW Classroom when you place your order.

Price Quote or Place an Order

Receive a price quote based on the number of students. Payment options include using a purchase order or credit card.


Live Performance Option

Giving your students the experience of hearing their pieces performed by world class musicians is undoubtedly the most powerful way of bringing composition to your students. Having the opportunity to work with the musicians during the composing process is invaluable to the young composer and will create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Live Performance options are priced individually and are contingent upon number of musicians, instrumentation and other factors. Please contact program director for more information:

Participants in the Live Performance option receive 2 visits from our artists-in-residence.

Visit 1

The first visit will occur at approximately the half way point of the Workshop. In a classroom setting musicians will read through portions of each work and engage students in a discussion about their music. A composer mentor will be present to help facilitate the discussion. This dialogue will be open to student questions about a range of topics including performance practice, orchestration and any other areas of student interest.

Visit 2

Live Concert Performance! Each Workshop concludes with a live concert of each students piece. The entire school community along with families and students are invited.


Professional Audio Recording

Each student’s piece is professionally recorded. Audio is available for free download.

Programs and Posters

Concert programs with program notes as well as concert posters are made available.

Photographic Documentation

Each Workshop concert is professionally photographed. Photographs are made available for teachers and students.

Scores and Parts

All scores and parts are prepared for the musicians by YCIW. Teachers need not worry about printing or preparing music.