YCIW Classroom

Interactive Content

Each course includes interactive lessons engaging the learner in important concepts.  The progressive curriculum comes alive in a way that helps every student compose music right from the start.

Noteflight Assignments

Students work through Noteflight assignments and receive feedback from teachers and composer mentors directly within the course. Students can monitor their progress and make improvements based on the feedback.

Assignments and Grading

Quickly see notifications of which students turned in assignments. Leave grades and comments for each assignment. Students receive notifications regarding grades and can submit comment replies  to keep the conversation going.

Learning Outcomes

Every assessment in YCIW is linked to specific outcomes aligned with important concepts as well as music education standards. Teachers and composer mentors can leave feedback that indicate level of mastery for each outcome.

Learning Mastery

Teachers and students can see their level of mastery for each of the important concepts and skills that go along with composing music. In additional to traditional grading, learning mastery helps students know the areas in which they need to improve most.

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