Try YCIW Classroom 

We’ve created a “sandbox” demonstration YCIW Classroom for teachers to try out Music Works 1.

Use the log in information below (left) to work through the curriculum as a student: view the web lessons, try the Noteflight assignments, add to your composition, get feedback from a composer mentor, take a quiz, comment on a discussion post and more!

Or, use the log in information below (right) to view Music Works 1 as a teacher: use the grading rubrics to assess assignments, leave comment feedback on Noteflight assignments, view the Learning Mastery gradebook, add to discussions and more.

Login as a Demo Student using these credentials:

Username:  student

Password: student

Login as a Demo Teacher using these credentials:

Username:  teacher

Password: teacher

When teachers enroll in YCIW they receive their own private YCIW Classroom for their students which includes the Music Works 1 course and other courses. More info…