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Badges Overview

Complete Quests and Quizzes to achieve Badges and earn points!

1. Choose a Badge

Log in to keep track of your points and badges.




2. Complete lessons with quests and quizzes.


As you complete quizzes and quests you will earn achievement badges and add to your point total.



3. Progress to a Higher Rank


As you accumulate points you can move to a higher rank. Each rank is the name of an important composer.


Ways to Earn Points!

Each time you login 10 points
Each time you visit a blog post 15 points
Each visit by another user to your blog post 20 points
A 50 word comment reply to a post 100 points
A 75 word post 200 points
Complete a Quest with an Assignment 1000 points
Complete a Quest with a Quiz 1500 points
Complete a Badge 5000 points


You Can Also Lose Points!

Make a Comment Less Than 50 Words -100 points
Make a Post Less Than 75 Words -200 points