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Music Works 2.0 Is Out!

Version 2.0 of my iBook Music Works has just been released in the iBooks Store!  There are many new features that I’m excited about using in my own teaching.  These new features will also help all teachers and students engage in the progressive curriculum for exploring music composition laid out in the book.

Here is a run down of the new features:

  • User Login
  • Users may now login in to the book and all data (quiz scores, notes etc) will be saved in the cloud.

  • Real-time virtual Quiz Rooms
  • Teachers can initiate a virtual quiz room in order to monitor students progress on quizzes in real time.

  • Help Videos
  • New help videos demonstrate some important Noteflight tips.

  • Staff Player Widget
  • A new widget allows student to play the musical staff like an instrument!

Look for more updates very soon!