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Workshop 9



On May 30th we held our annual 6th Grade Young Composers Concert at LREI!   We premiered 40 new compositions and concluded with an original song composed by the entire grade.  Our artists-in-residence Metropolis Ensemble under the direction of Andrew Cyr performed each piece with precision.

A Study in Style

For this workshop each student began by first completing an in depth study of any musical style they felt drawn to.  They were then required to implement some element of that style into their composition.  Student pieces included elements from reggae, Korean folk music, blues, ragtime, gamelan, heavy metal,  the Beatles, Motown, classical, swing and more!




Excerpts from the composers' program notes...

  • I chose Indonesian music for my style of music because I liked the instruments that Indonesian music used. For example, there is an instrument called the Kulintang Set which is a kind of drum with only cymbals. I like the sound of this instrument and the way it accompanies the other instruments.
    Jason, 6th grader
  •  I really enjoyed learning about the Beatles for this piece because I really didn't know anything about it, and I love their music! Composing music has helped me with playing the violin and I really enjoy getting to watch the violinist from the Metropolis Ensemble play my music.
    Nina, 6th grader
  • Composing music has taught me how to read sheet music.
    Cooper, 6th grade
  • Since I’ve been composing music I can now listen to a song and sometimes tell what instrument is playing. I like composing a lot.
    Campbell, 6th grader
  • Among other things, I learned that Japanese Folk Music uses the Pentatonic Scale. I mainly incorporated Japanese Folk Music into my piece by using the Pentatonic Scale, but I also listened to Japanese Folk Music and tried to emulate it. The trumpet played the main melody for most of the time. Most of the other instruments also play the main melody, but the trumpet plays the most. Over the last two years, I think music has been a fun experience. I enjoyed it overall. I have learned that if you work very hard, your piece can be very good.
    Kai, 6th grader
  • In the very beginning of 5th grade, I wasn't even sure I would ever be able to compose anything because everything was so new to me. Now, because I know so much more, I'm able to compose pieces not only in school and as an assignment but out of school on my own time. Music has really taught me to listen to my thoughts, which I couldn't do before learning about this. I think that learning to compose music will help me playing instruments as well because I will know what the music I'm playing is made up of.
    Kate, 6th grader

Concert recording coming soon!