Live Performance Simulcast

Students can have their pieces performed and recorded by a  professional orchestra.  We have partnered with the West European Symphony Orchestra for a special educational initiative. Your class can watch a live simulcast of the recording session and each student will receive a professional quality recording.  

West European Symphony Orchestra
The WESO Orchestra specializes itself in recording and producing music for media. From film scores, to advertising or K-pop, the team of musicians, producers and composers works at an international level. The orchestra is based in Lisbon, Portugal with an infrastructure comprised of 2 studios and one concert hall with capacity to host 1,600 people and more than 200 musicians on stage.

Live Simulcast Details
 Each student’s piece will receive a performance by 6 musicians and 1 conductor. The composition will be part of a live simulcasted concert to the school. Each composition will be professionally recorded and made available for free download. The cost is $16.75 for each composition. The fee is paid directly to WESO.

Video and Audio Recording
 Students will have documentation of their piece in the form of a professional audio and video recording!

How will my students be able to compose for professional musicians!
 It sounds like a lot to take on but fear not!! The YCIW Curriculum and our composer mentors will help all of your students be successful!

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Have a young composers concert at your school.
 If your school is in the New York City area your student’s pieces can be performed by our artists-in-residence Metropolis Ensemble at your school’s young composers concert.

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